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the technology we use to develop your website can be scaled anytime as your company grow

our websites is more of a business system, that we build with You, For You


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Ouma Webtech is a professional website that is developed by an experienced web developer. Ouma Webtech subscription payment option allows payments on a monthly basis instead of paying the whole amount upfront. The technology we use allows us to develop your website on an add-on basis which can be scaled to your need. Add extra functionality to your website any time when you require.

Traditional website’s does not allow for the adding of extra features and you end up building a new website every time. This amounts to double the cost when you want to scale up or add a new feature.


Our subscription base pricing model makes it a feasible economic choice to go with us which allows you to add extra modules to your like example bookings, auctions, ect. The modules can also be paid off over a period of time. An experience web developer will build your website along with you, so you do not have to go through the trouble of doing it yourself. Building your own website usually ends up uncompleted or lacking key features. We do not see an Ouma Webtech Website as a business transaction, but rather as a partnership. We partner with our clients and strategise on a custom website building strategy for each of our client. That is why Ouma Webtech Websites allows our customers to get the desirable result while sticking to a budget. Get in touch with us and one of our web development relationship managers will give you a call.

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Basic Features of The Webiste


Up to 50 products

10 Pages

Up to 10 Pages and more can be added

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is set up


Template theme you can choose from

Basic SEO

Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1 keyword per page

Email Pop Up

Email marketing popup 1000 free emails per month

Responsive for Mobile

Our websites are responsive for mobile and pad use

User Registration

Users can register and be managed




Add extra functionality to your website from the products below. Please make sure that your subscription is the same as your main webtech  subscription. Click on the button to view the full description of the product.

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