The Company

After living through two world wars raising 6 children and 15 grand children. Traveling the world retiring as a CEO of a major international company. Ouma wanted a bigger challenged in her life. She started Ouma Media a Creative Agency which soon grew to an international reach, serving clients all over the world.

Ouma likes to listen to people which makes them tend to trust Ouma, she always values what others have to say. Her subscription business model is what lead to Ouma Media’s huge success. Instead of paying out a big amount at once.

Ouma Media offers subscription payment options for creative work. Our competitors say it is kind of like being a pimp to the industry, but what do they know. Ouma say they are just jealous of our success which she likes to share with others like you.

Along with her creative team of experts from all over the world, Ouma offers services in 6 sub departments that focuses on individual as well as industry specific packages for corporate as well as personal creative creation. Services include Graphic & Design, Website & Tech, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio.

Ouma Media is part of The Youth Mall, an online retailer with different shops and a passion for the youth. We are in the process of implementing online systems and you will be able to do everything online in the future.

We believe that retail is changing and that the current retail business model does not put as much back in to the community as it takes out, we want to change that. Welcome to the future of online shopping, join the front runners